Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Sabily Sharing Services - Text sharing


Sabily Sharing Services provides now a pastebin-like service, where you can store and share large amount of texts:

Different syntaxes are available, here is an example of a C# formatted text:

As usual, please report any bugs or suggests new features: contact us

Friday, 19 November 2010

Sabily Sharing Services

The Sabily Team is proud to announce the release of the Sabily Sharing Services website:

This new website provides file sharing services; you can host temporarily private files to share with your friends, up to 100MB, with automatic antivirus scanning! So, people who will receive your download links will know if the files are safe or not.
Here is an example of a file considered as a virus (the file itself is safe, it's just for testing purpose): antivirus example
The next step will be to provide public files hosting, with rating & comments features, search engine, moderation (eg, to disallow haram pictures) etc., InshaAllah.
If you find bugs, or want to make suggestions, please contact us!

Monday, 15 November 2010

Eid Mubarak from Sabily team

Eid Mubarak!
عيد مبارك وتقبّل الله منا ومنكم

Friday, 5 November 2010

DVD cover for Al-Quds

Great thanks for brother Muslih the author of this work, Jazahollah khayran:

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Sabily 10.10 Al Quds released!

Bismillah Arrahman Arrahim,
Assalamo alaykom,
The Sabily team is proud to announce the release of the new version of Sabily 10.10, codename Al-Quds.
You can download it here: link

What's new:
- New "Al-Quds" pictures and wallpapers, new plymouth and GDM themes
- New screensaver pictures
- New Sabily logo
- Zekr 1.0.0
- New software: Alfanous - Quranic Search Engine

New from Ubuntu 10.10:
- New Ubuntu Software Center
- Installer: The Ubiquity Installer has been redesigned to be easier to use as well as to install drivers and download updates during installation.
- Gnome 2.32
- Evolution 2.30, much faster
- Shotwell has replaced F-Spot as the default photo manager

And still "nanny", parental web control application
"Gnome Nanny is an easy way to control what your kids are doing in the computer. You can limit how much time a day each one of them is browsing the web, chatting or doing email. You can also decide at which times of the day the can do this things. Gnome Nanny filters what web pages are seen by each user, so you can block all undesirable webs and have your kids enjoy the internet with ease of mind, no more worries!" (from nanny's website)

Important: to add blacklists to nanny, follow this procedure:
- download nanny.nbl file
- go to "System-Administration-Blacklists" menu
- click on "import" and select the nanny.nbl file
- select the blacklist entry and click on "edit", then select which categories you want to block