Saturday, 4 December 2010

Sabily Promotion Team

Sabily Promotion Team

You have been a long time dreaming how to contribute in Sabily team ?
You have at least 1 hour for volunteer work ?
You want to be an active member in the Islamic OS community ?

Become a member of the new Sabily Promotion Team!

What is this promotion team?
This is a team of users who help spreading Sabily all over the world!
They help people to install and use Sabily, they talk about Sabily on the Internet and try to change mentalities so people use open-source software and operating system.

What are the requirements to become a member?
- help users on IRC
- or/and help users on forums
- or/and spread sabily by making announcements on forums, websites, blogs, facebook/twitter etc.
- or/and have a blog/website/forum where you talk regularly about sabily

What are the advantages of these members?
- An email alias that forwards to your real email address
- An sabily/member/your_nick cloak on freenode
- free FTP storage on sabily server
- The right to participate in team decisions; so they could influence the future of Sabily
- Write access on sabily's blog
- after some time of real participation, sabily's gifts like t-shirts or other goodies (

The Sabily Management Committee will be in charge of approving new members, and to check regularly their activity so they keep their status and advantages.
So, don't wait and ask for membership by sending a mail to: sabily-management at