Tuesday, 29 March 2011

First international meeting of Sabily administration team :)

Assalamu alaykum,

Last week I was in France for a job mission and I profited of my being there to contact brother Mehdi (the admin of Sabily project) in direct for the first time from 4 years (the date on which I have known Mehdi, just a couple of weeks after he started Sabily project).
It was a pleasure to see him and to talk to him in real world (not in virtual world as we do always), also it was a pleasure to see his family especially his very nice son "Elyess" :)
I was very busy so I stayed with them only 15 minutes ^^" we didn't discussed a lot of subjects, just the deal was around family, Tunisian revolution, my travel to France..but we didn't left the occasion without talking about Sabily :D in this subject we talked about the idea of building a foundation around Sabily project..an international organisation that support and manage Sabily project in a professional manner! we did not developed the idea because the time was very short, also it need a lot of reflexion about objectives, roadmap, and especially sponsoring! we decide to continue the discussion online :)
I am not sure..but most probably that I will have another travel to Egypt in the next few weeks insha'Allah and so I can see brother Ahmed Almahmoudi and other brothers from Egypt :) I am not sure for the moment about that..but I hope it happen insha'Allah :D

Hereafter some photos, here my photo in the "La Defence" city:

And here with Mehdi:

And here with Mehdi's son:

Assalamo alaykom