Tuesday, 29 March 2011

First international meeting of Sabily administration team :)

Assalamu alaykum,

Last week I was in France for a job mission and I profited of my being there to contact brother Mehdi (the admin of Sabily project) in direct for the first time from 4 years (the date on which I have known Mehdi, just a couple of weeks after he started Sabily project).
It was a pleasure to see him and to talk to him in real world (not in virtual world as we do always), also it was a pleasure to see his family especially his very nice son "Elyess" :)
I was very busy so I stayed with them only 15 minutes ^^" we didn't discussed a lot of subjects, just the deal was around family, Tunisian revolution, my travel to France..but we didn't left the occasion without talking about Sabily :D in this subject we talked about the idea of building a foundation around Sabily project..an international organisation that support and manage Sabily project in a professional manner! we did not developed the idea because the time was very short, also it need a lot of reflexion about objectives, roadmap, and especially sponsoring! we decide to continue the discussion online :)
I am not sure..but most probably that I will have another travel to Egypt in the next few weeks insha'Allah and so I can see brother Ahmed Almahmoudi and other brothers from Egypt :) I am not sure for the moment about that..but I hope it happen insha'Allah :D

Hereafter some photos, here my photo in the "La Defence" city:

And here with Mehdi:

And here with Mehdi's son:

Assalamo alaykom


  1. We always support... and we already start in our country..(by your permission...both)

  2. of course brother :) it's a collaborative work ;)

  3. Haniaan lakom, really wish to be there with you ^^

  4. mashallah, a true family :)

  5. Good stuff. Keep up the good work guys! Lots of success inchaAllah!
    We've featured Sabily on our muslim technology blog. We'll be looking forward to announce new releases as they come and spread the word :-)

    Assalamu Aleikum

  6. What is the address of your "muslim technology blog" please?

  7. Salam,

    I did not want to spam you guys with the address but that would be: www.themuslimgeeks.com


  8. :) barakallaho fik akhi, good blog!
    Just if you can add something from here to your blog http://www.sabily.org/website/en/community/spread-sabily.html it will be great ;)