Sunday, 27 December 2009

Sabily 9.10 (Gaza) released

Bismilleh walhamdolilleh wassaleto wasselemo ala rasolilleh,

The Sabily team is proud to announce the release of Sabily 9.10, codename "Gaza". Sabily is the new name of Ubuntu Muslim Edition, the Operating System designed by and for Muslims (but non-Muslims are very welcome to use it too Wink).
Sabily 9.10 is available as a Live DVD (so you can test it without installing anything on your computer), with 2 versions:
  • Small version (1 GB): contains the main Sabily packages (artwork, islamic applications) and Arabic support
  • Full version (2.8 GB): same as above plus multimedia, education and miscellaneous packages, besides offline Quran recitations provided by Muhammad Siddeeq al-Minshawi, Huzify, Sa’ad al-Ghamadi and Mishary Rashed Alafasy
    Note: the offline recitations are useful if you are not connected to the Internet (all Sabily versions provide online recitations)

What's new in this release:
  • "Noor" application: new Quran Browser
  • Sample books for Thwab
  • "Fsool" application: the Sira of The prophet Mohammed (Peace be upon him)
  • "Rejaal" application: Men around the prophet Mohammed (Peace be upon him)..a flash bibliography of 60 Sahabi
  • "Arabeyes Qamoos": Arabic-English dictionary
Note: the three last software exist only on the full version
What's changed:
  • New theme (grub image + xsplash...)
  • New structure of "Islamic Software"
  • Monajat is re-developed in Python
Main features:
  • Parental control tool installed (WebStrict)
  • Zekr (Quran study tool), able to play Quran recitations
  • Prayer times apps: Minbar and Firefox 'Pray Times' add-on
  • Thwab (encyclopaedia)
  • Custom artwork: usplash, login screen, Islamic wallpapers and theme.
  • Full support for Arabic language.
  • The full version of the DVD contains multimedia, scientific, educational and many other useful software

Download Sabily 9.10 (Gaza) here:


  1. Alhamdulillah, syukur..
    Thanks very much brother.. all muslims should proud to you..
    Anyway now is time to promote, promote and promote...
    I pray to Allah for blessing you..

  2. Thanks a lot brother, I ask Allah to accept from all of us our good work and forgive us the bad one...

  3. Already download and test on virtualbox, super nice...
    For my system, need to make new installation or upgrade? Please guide me.. If new installation easy, but can I just upgrade from my old version?..

  4. You can, either do new installation or upgrade, both of them is possible, for upgrade it is the same steps for sabily 9.04 described here:

  5. Alhamdulillah, upgrade is better for me, will try it tomorrow, today very tired.. Terima Kasih...

  6. For upgrade wait please until I update the installation page...

  7. Of course sabily is ready of upgrade, just I haven't the time to update the web page, but what I will add is:
    "in 9.10, you should simply do:

    sudo add-apt-repository && sudo apt-get -q update

    --> You can do that, in next few hours I will update the page for the rest of users inshalla...

  8. No problem, already got the full installation file, planning to install on new hard drive (more bigger size). Need to know upgrade prosedure then make article to support visitor of my blog...

  9. Alhanmdollilah Sabily Gaza is here to move on and become famous...we do also need software for other school of thought e.g. Ahlul Bayt ...Shiaism
    JAzak Allah

  10. What kind of software you need for "other school of thought e.g. Ahlul Bayt ...Shiaism"???
    Sabily provide three software for Quran study, it is not relative to any scool of thought, or there is another Quran for Shiaism!?
    Sabily provide Monajat for Prophet supplications, you want the supplications of whom exactly?
    Please let us avoid these discussions, Sabily present Islam and not schools of thought...

  11. Thank you my brother ... I will try to upgrade ubuntu muslim edition 8:04 already installed on my school computer lab. We use in accordance with Sabily because our school spirit-based Islam.
    FYI, our schools already use GNU / Linux since 2007 and I will try to make the pilot project to use as OS Sabily learning curriculum of information technology.

    wassalam ...

    Elementary Schools, Secondary School and Senior High School - Surabaya Mujahideen Mosque Foundation

  12. You are welcome brother gurutiksmpdin :)

  13. I try to upgrade with that command but it not work. Message is ...repository: command not found

  14. What commands you run? did you see here? I update it this morning:

    Please try to send a mail to the mailing list, brother Ahmed know more than me these kind of issues.

  15. Did you prepared CD package like version 9.04?

  16. No brother I did not prepare CD package like version 9.04 for two reasons:
    1- I am working alone on building ISOs and I did not have the time to do all the job (for example I did not prepare a 64bits) :(
    2- The 9.04 CD package was done by Mehdi and I don't know how to do it! perhaps when Mehdi come back he will do it or tell me how to do it if I have soem free time inshalla.

  17. I don't know how I can help...

  18. Respond to technical questions is a great help brother and you do it well mashalla :)