Thursday, 14 January 2010

منارات Manarat: the code name of Sabily 10.04


Assalamo alaykom,

Sabily team is proud to announce the code name of Sabily 10.04: Manarat منارات

Manarat is the plural of the Arabic word Manara which mean in English and other languages Minaret:

Welcome Sabily Manarat :)


  1. In Malaysia we call it "Menara", anyway Mosque in front of my house not yet have it. Will be built soon, InsyaAllah..

  2. What new feature maybe will be include in the Sabily Manarat?

  3. I have the intention to start a thread about that on the mailing list, then I change this idea, I will add a todolist page to let all people write what they think to have in Manarat...
    I will do that next days inshalla, if you have ideas there more than welcome ;)

  4. Nice name :)

    According to what is happening in the world, it seems that these names are very probable :
    Afghanistan, Yemen, Ighor, Chichan, Massajed, Hijab, 3a9ida, ...

  5. i'm waiting for this..!
    go open source..!

  6. @omagus: it is coming soon inshalla ^^