Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Sabily pages on wikipedia need updates + translation into other languages

Assalamo alaykom,

Hereafter English Sabily page on wikipedia: and via it you can access other languages pages.
As you can see it need updates (logo, brand, contents, links...), other languages pages are poor in term of content they should been ameliorated, also we need to improve them by new translation into other languages (even a part of the page not the whole contents).
Please participate in this effort, that don't need any programming skills, just a redaction skills ;)
You can join one or both of the following teams:
Sabily Redaction Team:
Sabily Translators:

The members of these teams should be also more active in this subject.


  1. I think we already have one member to translate in Bahasa Malaysia. He is brother Hilmi. I pray he will get much time to do it, Insya'Allah.

  2. We need more and more contributors in each language ;)

  3. Yes, more will come from Malaysia...

  4. Bro, where is Al-Quds Beta? or RC?...

  5. Don't know, it is Mehdi task, we are working on any way, yesterday brother Asem merged "Alfanous" code under launchpad and hope soon we get the package under sabily ppa..I think when we finished having all new updates under sabily ppa we can announce a beta release, any way it is up to Mehdi to decide when.