Thursday, 30 August 2012

Suspension of Sabily 12.04!



Bismilleh walhamdolilleh wassaleto wassalemo ala rasol Alleh,
Assalamo alaykom

We announced before ( that we will release Sabily 12.04 under the codename "Ibn-AlBaytar", but unfortunately we can't do that! In fact the lack of resources is the handicap.

And because the next version of ubuntu (12.10) will be released in the next few weeks, we see that releasing Sabily 12.04 at this time has no meaning.
That's why Sabily Management Committee announce to you the suspension of Sabily 12.04 and the deferment of the codename "Ibn-AlBaytar" to the next release 12.10 inshalla.
We hope that we find more resources in term of developers, graphical designers, packagers, iso builders... for next releases inshalla.
The most important news in Sabily Ibn-Albaytar is the integration of the new Quran study tool "Elforkane".

Assalamo alaykom


  1. Salam, are you still here?...

  2. Yep :) but so busy nowadays, I am not in Tunisia, I am in Senegal in job.